wx/Thread.d File Reference


namespace  wx.Thread


class  Mutex
 A mutex object is a synchronization object whose state is set to signaled when it is not owned by any thread, and nonsignaled when it is owned. Its name comes from its usefulness in coordinating mutually-exclusive access to a shared resource. Only one thread at a time can own a mutex object. More...
class  MutexLocker
class  CriticalSection
 Critical section: this is the same as mutex but is only visible to the threads of the same process. For the platforms which don't have native support for critical sections, they're implemented entirely in terms of mutexes. More...
class  CriticalSectionLocker
class  Condition
 wxCondition models a POSIX condition variable which allows one (or more) thread(s) to wait until some condition is fulfilled More...
class  Semaphore
 wxSemaphore: a counter limiting the number of threads concurrently accessing a shared resource More...
class  Thread
 wxThread: class encapsulating a thread of execution More...
class  ThreadHelperThread
class  ThreadHelper
 wxThreadHelper: this class implements the threading logic to run a background task in another object (such as a window). It is a mix-in: just derive from it to implement a threading background task in your class. More...


enum  wxMutexError {
enum  wxCondError {
  wxCOND_NO_ERROR = 0,
enum  wxSemaError {
  wxSEMA_NO_ERROR = 0,
enum  wxThreadError {
enum  wxThreadKind {
enum  {
enum  wxMutexType {


alias Mutex wxMutex
alias MutexLocker wxMutexLocker
alias CriticalSection wxCriticalSection
alias CriticalSectionLocker wxCriticalSectionLocker
alias Condition wxCondition
alias Semaphore wxSemaphore
alias Thread wxThread
alias ThreadHelperThread wxThreadHelperThread
alias ThreadHelper wxThreadHelper

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