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wxMGL port

wxMGL is a port of wxWidgets using the MGL library available from SciTech as the underlying graphics backend. wxMGL draws its widgets using the wxUniversal widget set which is now part of wxWidgets. MGL itself runs on a variety of platforms including DOS, Linux hardware (similar to the Linux framebuffer) and various graphics systems such as Win32, X11 and OS/2. Note that currently MGL for Linux runs only on x86-based systems.

You will need wxWidgets 2.3.3 or higher and MGL 5.0 or higher. The latter is available from

In order to configure wxWidgets to compile wxMGL you will need to type:

  configure --with-mgl --with-universal
Under DOS, wxMGL uses a dmake based make system.

For further information, please see the files in docs/mgl in the distribution.