Config Member List

This is the complete list of members for Config, including all inherited members.

AppName(string value)Config
Create()Config [static]
DeleteEntry(string key, bool bDeleteGroupIfEmpty)Config
DeleteGroup(string key)Config
disposed()wxObject [protected]
dtor()wxObject [protected]
Exists(string strName)Config
ExpandEnvVars(bool value)Config
extern(C) private void VirtualDispose(IntPtr ptr)wxObject [static]
FindObject(IntPtr ptr, newfunc New)wxObject [static]
FindObject(IntPtr ptr)wxObject [static]
Flush(bool bCurrentOnly)Config
function(IntPtr wxobj) new funcwxObject [static]
Get(bool createOnDemand)Config [static]
Get()Config [static]
GetEntryType(string name)Config
GetFirstEntry(inout string str, inout int lIndex)Config
GetFirstGroup(inout string str, inout int lIndex)Config
GetNextEntry(inout string str, inout int lIndex)Config
GetNextGroup(inout string str, inout int lIndex)Config
GetNumberOfEntries(bool bRecursive)Config
GetNumberOfGroups(bool bRecursive)Config
HasEntry(string strName)Config
HasGroup(string strName)Config
memOwnwxObject [protected]
New(IntPtr ptr)Config [static]
Path(string value)Config
Read(string key, inout string str)Config
Read(string key, inout string str, string defVal)Config
Read(string key, inout int pl)Config
Read(string key, inout int pl, int defVal)Config
Read(string key, inout double val)Config
Read(string key, inout double val, double defVal)Config
Read(string key, inout bool val)Config
Read(string key, inout bool val, bool defVal)Config
Read(string key, inout Font val)Config
Read(string key, inout Font val, Font defVal)Config
Read(string key, inout Colour val)Config
Read(string key, inout Colour val, Colour defVal)Config
Read(string key, string defVal)Config
Read(string key, int defVal)Config
Read(string key, bool defVal)Config
Read(string key, Colour defVal)Config
Read(string key, Font defVal)Config
RecordDefaults(bool value)Config
RemoveObject(IntPtr ptr)wxObject [static]
RenameEntry(string oldName, string newName)Config
RenameGroup(string oldName, string newName)Config
SafePtr(wxObject obj)wxObject [static]
Set(Config config)Config [static]
Style(int value)Config
this(IntPtr wxobj)Config
VendorName(string value)Config
Write(string key, string val)Config
Write(string key, int val)Config
Write(string key, double val)Config
Write(string key, bool val)Config
Write(string key, Colour col)Config
Write(string key, Font val)Config

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