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This is the root class of all wxWidgets classes. It declares a virtual destructor which ensures that destructors get called for all derived class objects where necessary. More...

Inheritance diagram for wxObject:

IDisposable AcceleratorEntry AcceleratorTable ArrayInt ArrayString DockArt PaneInfo Mask CalendarDateAttr Caret CaretSuspend ClientData Clipboard Colour ColourData Config DataFormat DataObject DC Display DropSource DropTarget Event EvtHandler FindReplaceData FontData EncodingConverter FontEnumerator FontMapper BitmapList BrushList ColourDatabase FontList PenList GDIObject GLContext GridCellAttr GridCellAttrProvider GridCellCoords GridCellWorker GBPosition GBSpan HtmlCell HtmlEasyPrinting HtmlEntitiesParser HtmlFilter HtmlLinkInfo HtmlParser HtmlProcessor HtmlRenderingInfo HtmlSelection HtmlTag HtmlTagHandler HtmlTagsModule HtmlHelpController Image ImageHandler ImageHistogram ImageHistogramEntry ImageList LayoutAlgorithm ListItem ListItemAttr LanguageInfo Locale Log MenuItem PageSetupDialogData PrintData PrintDialogData Printer Printout PrintPreview RegionIterator SashEdge Sizer SizerItem Sound TextAttr Condition CriticalSection CriticalSectionLocker Mutex MutexLocker Semaphore Thread ThreadHelper ThreadHelperThread ToolBarTool ToolTip ArrayTreeItemIds TreeItemAttr TreeItemId BusyInfo WindowDisabler VisualAttributes wxDateTime wxString XmlResource

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
string GetTypeName ()
virtual void Dispose ()
 ~this ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IntPtr SafePtr (wxObject obj)
static alias wxObject function (IntPtr wxobj) new func
static wxObject FindObject (IntPtr ptr, newfunc New)
static wxObject FindObject (IntPtr ptr)
static bool RemoveObject (IntPtr ptr)
static extern (C) private void VirtualDispose(IntPtr ptr)

Public Attributes

IntPtr wxobj = IntPtr.init

Protected Member Functions

void dtor ()
bool disposed ()

Protected Attributes

bool memOwn = false

Detailed Description

This is the root class of all wxWidgets classes. It declares a virtual destructor which ensures that destructors get called for all derived class objects where necessary.

wxObject is the hub of a dynamic object creation scheme, enabling a program to create instances of a class only knowing its string class name, and to query the class hierarchy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented in AcceleratorEntry, AcceleratorTable, ActivateEvent, ArrayInt, ArrayString, DockArt, PaneInfo, FrameManager, FrameManagerEvent, Bitmap, Mask, BitmapButton, BoxSizer, Brush, Button, CalendarCtrl, CalendarDateAttr, CalendarEvent, Caret, CaretSuspend, CheckBox, ChildFocusEvent, Choice, SingleChoiceDialog, MultiChoiceDialog, ClientData, StringClientData, Clipboard, CloseEvent, Colour, ColourDialog, ComboBox, CommandEvent, Config, ContextMenuEvent, Control, Cursor, DataFormat, DataObject, DataObjectSimple, TextDataObject, FileDataObject, DbGrid, DC, WindowDC, ClientDC, PaintDC, Dialog, DirDialog, Display, DisplayChangedEvent, DropSource, DropTarget, EraseEvent, Event, EvtHandler, FindReplaceDialog, FindDialogEvent, FindReplaceData, FlexGridSizer, FocusEvent, Font, FontData, FontDialog, FontMapper, EncodingConverter, FontEnumerator, Frame, Gauge, ColourDatabase, PenList, BrushList, FontList, BitmapList, GDIObject, GLContext, GLCanvas, GridEvent, GridCellEditor, GridCellTextEditor, GridCellNumberEditor, GridCellFloatEditor, GridCellBoolEditor, GridCellChoiceEditor, GridRangeSelectEvent, GridCellWorker, GridEditorCreatedEvent, Grid, GridCellCoords, GridCellAttr, GridSizeEvent, GridCellAttrProvider, GBSizerItem, GridCellEnumEditor, GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor, GridSizer, HelpEvent, HtmlTag, HtmlFilter, HtmlCell, HtmlFontCell, HtmlContainerCell, HtmlColourCell, HtmlLinkInfo, HtmlWidgetCell, HtmlWordCell, HtmlFilterPlainText, HtmlTagsModule, HtmlWinTagHandler, HtmlWinParser, HtmlTagHandler, HtmlEntitiesParser, HtmlParser, HtmlProcessor, HtmlRenderingInfo, HtmlSelection, HtmlEasyPrinting, HtmlWindow, HtmlHelpController, HtmlListBox, Icon, IconizeEvent, IdleEvent, Image, ImageHandler, ImageHistogramEntry, ImageHistogram, BMPHandler, ICOHandler, CURHandler, ANIHandler, PNGHandler, GIFHandler, PCXHandler, JPEGHandler, PNMHandler, XPMHandler, TIFFHandler, ImageList, InitDialogEvent, KeyEvent, SashLayoutWindow, LayoutAlgorithm, QueryLayoutInfoEvent, CalculateLayoutEvent, ListbookEvent, Listbook, ListBox, CheckListBox, ListItem, ListItemAttr, ListCtrl, ListEvent, ListView, LanguageInfo, Locale, Log, MaximizeEvent, MDIParentFrame, MDIChildFrame, MDIClientWindow, MemoryDC, BufferedDC, BufferedPaintDC, MenuBase, Menu, MenuBar, MenuItem, MiniFrame, MouseCaptureChangedEvent, MouseEvent, MoveEvent, NavigationKeyEvent, NCPaintEvent, NotebookEvent, Notebook, NotebookSizer, NotifyEvent, NumberEntryDialog, PaintEvent, Palette, PaletteChangedEvent, Panel, Pen, PageSetupDialogData, PrintDialogData, PrintData, ProgressDialog, QueryNewPaletteEvent, RadioBox, RadioButton, Region, RegionIterator, SashEdge, SashWindow, SashEvent, ScrollBar, ScrolledWindow, SetCursorEvent, ShowEvent, SizeEvent, Sizer, SizerItem, Slider, Sound, SpinEvent, SpinButton, SpinCtrl, SplashScreen, SplashScreenWindow, StaticBitmap, StaticBox, StaticBoxSizer, StaticLine, StaticText, StatusBar, StyledTextCtrl, StyledTextEvent, SysColourChangedEvent, TabEvent, TabCtrl, TaskBarIcon, TaskBarIconEvent, TextAttr, TextCtrl, TextEntryDialog, Mutex, MutexLocker, CriticalSection, CriticalSectionLocker, Condition, Semaphore, Thread, ThreadHelperThread, ThreadHelper, Timer, TipWindow, ToggleButton, ToolBarTool, ToolBar, ToolTip, TreeItemData, TreeItemAttr, TreeItemId, TreeItemId, TreeCtrl, TreeEvent, ArrayTreeItemIds, UpdateUIEvent, WindowDisabler, BusyInfo, Validator, VListBox, VScrolledWindow, VisualAttributes, Window, WindowCreateEvent, WindowDestroyEvent, Wizard, WizardPage, WizardPageSimple, wxDateTime, wxString, and XmlResource.

~this (  ) 

Reimplemented in EvtHandler, and Font.

Member Function Documentation

static IntPtr SafePtr ( wxObject  obj  )  [static]

string GetTypeName (  ) 

static alias wxObject function ( IntPtr  wxobj  )  [static, new]

Reimplemented in Event.

static wxObject FindObject ( IntPtr  ptr,
newfunc  New 
) [static]

static wxObject FindObject ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

static bool RemoveObject ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

static extern (  )  [static]

Reimplemented in BoxSizer, BoxSizer, FontEnumerator, GridCellEditor, GridCellEditor, GridCellEditor, GridCellEditor, GridCellEditor, GridCellEditor, HtmlWindow, HtmlListBox, HtmlListBox, HtmlListBox, ListCtrl, MDIParentFrame, Printout, Printout, SplitterWindow, TaskBarIcon, Timer, VListBox, VListBox, VScrolledWindow, and XmlResource.

void dtor (  )  [protected]

Reimplemented in AcceleratorEntry, ArrayInt, ArrayString, DockArt, DefaultDockArt, CalendarDateAttr, Caret, CaretSuspend, ClientData, StringClientData, DataFormat, DataObject, DataObjectSimple, TextDataObject, FileDataObject, DC, Display, DropSource, DropTarget, FontMapper, FontEnumerator, ColourDatabase, GridCellEditor, GridCellTextEditor, GridCellNumberEditor, GridCellFloatEditor, GridCellBoolEditor, GridCellChoiceEditor, GridCellWorker, GridCellCoords, GridCellAttr, GridCellAttrProvider, GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor, HtmlRenderingInfo, HtmlSelection, ImageHistogramEntry, LanguageInfo, Locale, ProgressDialog, SashEdge, Sound, TaskBarIcon, TextAttr, Mutex, CriticalSection, Timer, TreeItemData, TreeItemAttr, TreeItemId, ArrayTreeItemIds, WindowDisabler, BusyInfo, VisualAttributes, wxDateTime, and wxString.

virtual void Dispose (  ) 

Implements IDisposable.

Reimplemented in Brush, Colour, Cursor, Font, and Pen.

bool disposed (  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

IntPtr wxobj = IntPtr.init

bool memOwn = false [protected]

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