Package wx.StatusBar

The wxStatusBar wrapper class. More...


class  StatusBar


const int wxST_SIZEGRIP = 0x0010
const int wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE = 0x0001
const int wxSB_NORMAL = 0x000
const int wxSB_FLAT = 0x001
const int wxSB_RAISED = 0x002
alias StatusBar wxStatusBar

Detailed Description

The wxStatusBar wrapper class.

Variable Documentation

const int wxSB_FLAT = 0x001

const int wxSB_NORMAL = 0x000

const int wxSB_RAISED = 0x002

const int wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE = 0x0001

const int wxST_SIZEGRIP = 0x0010

alias StatusBar wxStatusBar

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