FindDialogEvent Class Reference

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CommandEvent Event wxObject IDisposable

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this (int commandType, int id)
int Flags ()
void Flags (int value)
string FindString ()
void FindString (string value)
string ReplaceString ()
void ReplaceString (string value)
FindReplaceDialog Dialog ()

Static Public Member Functions

static this ()
static Event New (IntPtr ptr)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

static this (  )  [static]

Reimplemented from CommandEvent.

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from CommandEvent.

this ( int  commandType,
int  id 

Reimplemented from CommandEvent.

Member Function Documentation

static Event New ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

Reimplemented from CommandEvent.

int Flags (  ) 

void Flags ( int  value  ) 

string FindString (  ) 

void FindString ( string  value  ) 

string ReplaceString (  ) 

void ReplaceString ( string  value  ) 

FindReplaceDialog Dialog (  ) 

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