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wxObject IDisposable HtmlColourCell HtmlContainerCell HtmlFontCell HtmlWidgetCell HtmlWordCell

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this ()
void Parent (HtmlContainerCell value)
HtmlContainerCell Parent ()
int X ()
int Y ()
int Width ()
int Height ()
int PosX ()
int PosY ()
Point Position ()
void Position (Point pt)
Size size ()
Rectangle rect ()
int Descent ()
virtual string Id ()
virtual void Id (string value)
HtmlCell Next ()
void Next (HtmlCell value)
void SetPos (int x, int y)
void Link (HtmlLinkInfo value)
virtual void Layout (int w)
virtual void Draw (DC dc, int x, int y, int view_y1, int view_y2, HtmlRenderingInfo info)
virtual void DrawInvisible (DC dc, int x, int y, HtmlRenderingInfo info)
virtual HtmlCell Find (int condition, wxObject param)
virtual void OnMouseClick (Window parent, int x, int y, MouseEvent evt)
virtual bool AdjustPagebreak (inout int pagebreak)
void CanLiveOnPagebreak (bool value)
virtual bool IsTerminalCell ()
HtmlCell FindCellByPos (int x, int y)

Static Public Member Functions

static wxObject New (IntPtr ptr)
static HtmlCell FindObj (IntPtr ptr)
static implicit operator HtmlCell (IntPtr obj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from wxObject.

Reimplemented in HtmlFontCell, HtmlContainerCell, HtmlColourCell, HtmlWidgetCell, and HtmlWordCell.

this (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

static wxObject New ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

static HtmlCell FindObj ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

void Parent ( HtmlContainerCell  value  ) 

HtmlContainerCell Parent (  ) 

int X (  ) 

int Y (  ) 

int Width (  ) 

int Height (  ) 

int PosX (  ) 

int PosY (  ) 

Point Position (  ) 

void Position ( Point  pt  ) 

Size size (  ) 

Rectangle rect (  ) 

int Descent (  ) 

virtual string Id (  ) 

virtual void Id ( string  value  ) 

HtmlCell Next (  ) 

void Next ( HtmlCell  value  ) 

void SetPos ( int  x,
int  y 

void Link ( HtmlLinkInfo  value  ) 

virtual void Layout ( int  w  ) 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell, and HtmlWidgetCell.

virtual void Draw ( DC  dc,
int  x,
int  y,
int  view_y1,
int  view_y2,
HtmlRenderingInfo  info 

virtual void DrawInvisible ( DC  dc,
int  x,
int  y,
HtmlRenderingInfo  info 

virtual HtmlCell Find ( int  condition,
wxObject  param 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

virtual void OnMouseClick ( Window  parent,
int  x,
int  y,
MouseEvent  evt 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

virtual bool AdjustPagebreak ( inout int  pagebreak  ) 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

void CanLiveOnPagebreak ( bool  value  ) 

virtual bool IsTerminalCell (  ) 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

HtmlCell FindCellByPos ( int  x,
int  y 

Reimplemented in HtmlContainerCell.

static implicit operator HtmlCell ( IntPtr  obj  )  [static]

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