ImageHandler Class Reference

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wxObject IDisposable BMPHandler GIFHandler JPEGHandler PCXHandler PNGHandler PNMHandler TIFFHandler XPMHandler

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
string Name ()
void Name (string value)
string Extension ()
void Extension (string value)
int Type ()
void Type (int value)
string MimeType ()
void MimeType (string value)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from wxObject.

Reimplemented in BMPHandler, ICOHandler, CURHandler, ANIHandler, PNGHandler, GIFHandler, PCXHandler, JPEGHandler, PNMHandler, XPMHandler, and TIFFHandler.

Member Function Documentation

string Name (  ) 

void Name ( string  value  ) 

string Extension (  ) 

void Extension ( string  value  ) 

int Type (  ) 

void Type ( int  value  ) 

string MimeType (  ) 

void MimeType ( string  value  ) 

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