BufferedDC Class Reference

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MemoryDC WindowDC DC wxObject IDisposable BufferedPaintDC

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this ()
 this (DC dc, Bitmap bitmap)
 this (DC dc, Size size)
void InitByBitmap (DC dc, Bitmap bitmap)
void InitBySize (DC dc, Size area)
void UnMask ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from MemoryDC.

Reimplemented in BufferedPaintDC.

this (  ) 

Reimplemented from MemoryDC.

this ( DC  dc,
Bitmap  bitmap 

this ( DC  dc,
Size  size 

Member Function Documentation

void InitByBitmap ( DC  dc,
Bitmap  bitmap 

void InitBySize ( DC  dc,
Size  area 

void UnMask (  ) 

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