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GDIObject wxObject IDisposable

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Public Member Functions

override void Dispose ()
 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this (string name)
 this (string name, int width)
 this (string name, int width, FillStyle style)
 this (Colour colour)
 this (Colour colour, int width)
 this (Colour col, int width, FillStyle style)
Colour colour ()
void colour (Colour value)
int Width ()
void Width (int value)
int Cap ()
void Cap (int value)
int Join ()
void Join (int value)
int Style ()
void Style (int value)
bool Ok ()

Static Public Member Functions

static wxObject New (IntPtr ptr)

Static Public Attributes

static Pen wxRED_PEN
static Pen wxCYAN_PEN
static Pen wxGREEN_PEN
static Pen wxBLACK_PEN
static Pen wxWHITE_PEN
static Pen wxGREY_PEN
static Pen wxMEDIUM_GREY_PEN
static Pen wxLIGHT_GREY_PEN
static Pen wxNullPen

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from GDIObject.

this ( string  name  ) 

this ( string  name,
int  width 

this ( string  name,
int  width,
FillStyle  style 

this ( Colour  colour  ) 

this ( Colour  colour,
int  width 

this ( Colour  col,
int  width,
FillStyle  style 

Member Function Documentation

override void Dispose (  ) 

Reimplemented from wxObject.

Colour colour (  ) 

void colour ( Colour  value  ) 

int Width (  ) 

void Width ( int  value  ) 

int Cap (  ) 

void Cap ( int  value  ) 

int Join (  ) 

void Join ( int  value  ) 

int Style (  ) 

void Style ( int  value  ) 

bool Ok (  ) 

static wxObject New ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

Pen wxRED_PEN [static]

Pen wxCYAN_PEN [static]

Pen wxGREEN_PEN [static]

Pen wxBLACK_PEN [static]

Pen wxWHITE_PEN [static]

Pen wxTRANSPARENT_PEN [static]

Pen wxBLACK_DASHED_PEN [static]

Pen wxGREY_PEN [static]

Pen wxMEDIUM_GREY_PEN [static]

Pen wxLIGHT_GREY_PEN [static]

Pen wxNullPen [static]

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