TaskBarIcon Class Reference

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EvtHandler wxObject IDisposable

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Public Member Functions

 this ()
 this (TaskBarIconType iconType)
 this (IntPtr wxobj)
bool IsIconInstalled ()
bool IsOk ()
bool PopupMenu (Menu menu)
bool RemoveIcon ()
bool SetIcon (Icon icon, string tooltip="")
void Move_Add (EventListener value)
void Move_Remove (EventListener value)
void LeftDown_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void LeftUp_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightDown_Add (EventListener value)
void RightDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightUp_Add (EventListener value)
void RightUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void LeftDClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftDClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightDClick_Add (EventListener value)
void RightDClick_Remove (EventListener value)

Static Public Member Functions

static this ()
static extern (C) private IntPtr staticCreatePopupMenu(TaskBarIcon obj)

Static Public Attributes

static EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_MOVE
static EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_DOWN
static EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_UP
static EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_RIGHT_UP

Protected Member Functions

override void dtor ()
virtual Menu CreatePopupMenu ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

static this (  )  [static]

this (  ) 

this ( TaskBarIconType  iconType  ) 

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from EvtHandler.

Member Function Documentation

override void dtor (  )  [protected]

Reimplemented from wxObject.

static extern (  )  [static]

Reimplemented from wxObject.

virtual Menu CreatePopupMenu (  )  [protected]

bool IsIconInstalled (  ) 

bool IsOk (  ) 

bool PopupMenu ( Menu  menu  ) 

bool RemoveIcon (  ) 

bool SetIcon ( Icon  icon,
string  tooltip = "" 

void Move_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Move_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

Member Data Documentation

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_MOVE [static]

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_DOWN [static]

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_UP [static]

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_RIGHT_DOWN [static]

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_RIGHT_UP [static]

EventType wxEVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_DCLICK [static]


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