Package wx.Grid

The wxGrid wrapper class. More...


class  GridEvent
class  GridCellEditor
class  GridCellTextEditor
class  GridCellNumberEditor
class  GridCellFloatEditor
class  GridCellBoolEditor
class  GridCellChoiceEditor
class  GridRangeSelectEvent
class  GridCellWorker
class  GridEditorCreatedEvent
class  Grid
class  GridCellCoords
class  GridCellAttr
class  GridSizeEvent
class  GridCellStringRenderer
class  GridCellNumberRenderer
class  GridCellFloatRenderer
class  GridCellBoolRenderer
class  GridCellAttrProvider


enum  GridSelectionMode {


static C IntPtr wxGridCellNumberRenderer_ctor ()
static C void wxGridCellNumberRenderer_dtor (IntPtr self)
static C void wxGridCellNumberRenderer_Draw (IntPtr self, IntPtr grid, IntPtr attr, IntPtr dc, inout Rectangle rect, int row, int col, bool isSelected)
static C void wxGridCellNumberRenderer_GetBestSize (IntPtr self, IntPtr grid, IntPtr attr, IntPtr dc, int row, int col, out Size size)
static C IntPtr wxGridCellNumberRenderer_Clone (IntPtr self)


alias GridEvent wxGridEvent
alias GridCellTextEditor wxGridCellTextEditor
alias GridCellNumberEditor wxGridCellNumberEditor
alias GridCellFloatEditor wxGridCellFloatEditor
alias GridCellBoolEditor wxGridCellBoolEditor
alias GridCellChoiceEditor wxGridCellChoiceEditor
alias GridRangeSelectEvent wxGridRangeSelectEvent
alias GridCellWorker wxGridCellWorker
alias GridEditorCreatedEvent wxGridEditorCreatedEvent
alias Grid wxGrid
alias GridCellCoords wxGridCellCoords
alias GridCellAttr wxGridCellAttr
alias GridSizeEvent wxGridSizeEvent
alias GridCellNumberRenderer wxGridCellNumberRenderer
alias GridCellFloatRenderer wxGridCellFloatRenderer
alias GridCellBoolRenderer wxGridCellBoolRenderer

Detailed Description

The wxGrid wrapper class.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum GridSelectionMode


Function Documentation

static C IntPtr wx.Grid.wxGridCellNumberRenderer_Clone ( IntPtr  self  ) 

static C IntPtr wx.Grid.wxGridCellNumberRenderer_ctor (  ) 

static C void wx.Grid.wxGridCellNumberRenderer_Draw ( IntPtr  self,
IntPtr  grid,
IntPtr  attr,
IntPtr  dc,
inout Rectangle  rect,
int  row,
int  col,
bool  isSelected 

static C void wx.Grid.wxGridCellNumberRenderer_dtor ( IntPtr  self  ) 

static C void wx.Grid.wxGridCellNumberRenderer_GetBestSize ( IntPtr  self,
IntPtr  grid,
IntPtr  attr,
IntPtr  dc,
int  row,
int  col,
out Size  size 

Variable Documentation

alias Grid wxGrid

alias GridCellAttr wxGridCellAttr

alias GridCellBoolEditor wxGridCellBoolEditor

alias GridCellBoolRenderer wxGridCellBoolRenderer

alias GridCellChoiceEditor wxGridCellChoiceEditor

alias GridCellCoords wxGridCellCoords

alias GridCellFloatEditor wxGridCellFloatEditor

alias GridCellFloatRenderer wxGridCellFloatRenderer

alias GridCellNumberEditor wxGridCellNumberEditor

alias GridCellNumberRenderer wxGridCellNumberRenderer

alias GridCellTextEditor wxGridCellTextEditor

alias GridCellWorker wxGridCellWorker

alias GridEditorCreatedEvent wxGridEditorCreatedEvent

alias GridEvent wxGridEvent

alias GridRangeSelectEvent wxGridRangeSelectEvent

alias GridSizeEvent wxGridSizeEvent

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