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ScrolledWindow Panel Window EvtHandler wxObject IDisposable DbGrid

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Public Member Functions

 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this ()
 this (Window parent, int id)
 this (Window parent, int id, Point pos)
 this (Window parent, int id, Point pos, Size size)
 this (Window parent, int id, Point pos, Size size, int style)
 this (Window parent, int id, Point pos, Size size, int style, string name)
 this (Window parent)
 this (Window parent, Point pos)
 this (Window parent, Point pos, Size size)
 this (Window parent, Point pos, Size size, int style)
 this (Window parent, Point pos, Size size, int style, string name)
bool CreateGrid (int numRows, int numCols)
bool CreateGrid (int numRows, int numCols, GridSelectionMode selmode)
void SelectionMode (GridSelectionMode value)
int NumberRows ()
int NumberCols ()
bool SetTable (GridTableBase table)
bool SetTable (GridTableBase table, bool takeOwnerShip)
bool SetTable (GridTableBase table, bool takeOwnership, GridSelectionMode select)
void ClearGrid ()
bool InsertRows ()
bool InsertRows (int pos)
bool InsertRows (int pos, int numRows)
bool InsertRows (int pos, int numRows, bool updateLabels)
bool AppendRows ()
bool AppendRows (int numRows)
bool AppendRows (int numRows, bool updateLabels)
bool DeleteRows ()
bool DeleteRows (int pos)
bool DeleteRows (int pos, int numRows)
bool DeleteRows (int pos, int numRows, bool updateLabels)
bool InsertCols ()
bool InsertCols (int pos)
bool InsertCols (int pos, int numRows)
bool InsertCols (int pos, int numCols, bool updateLabels)
bool AppendCols ()
bool AppendCols (int numCols)
bool AppendCols (int numCols, bool updateLabels)
bool DeleteCols ()
bool DeleteCols (int pos)
bool DeleteCols (int pos, int numRows)
bool DeleteCols (int pos, int numCols, bool updateLabels)
void BeginBatch ()
void EndBatch ()
int BatchCount ()
void ForceRefresh ()
bool IsEditable ()
void IsEditable (bool value)
void CellEditControlEnabled (bool value)
bool CellEditControlEnabled ()
void DisableCellEditControl ()
bool CanEnableCellControl ()
bool IsCellEditControlShown ()
bool IsCurrentCellReadOnly ()
void ShowCellEditControl ()
void HideCellEditControl ()
void SaveEditControlValue ()
int YToRow (int y)
int XToCol (int x)
int YToEdgeOfRow (int y)
int XToEdgeOfCol (int x)
Rectangle CellToRect (int row, int col)
int GridCursorRow ()
int GridCursorCol ()
bool IsVisible (int row, int col, bool wholeCellVisible)
void MakeCellVisible (int row, int col)
void SetGridCursor (int row, int col)
bool MoveCursorUp (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorDown (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorLeft (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorRight (bool expandSelection)
bool MovePageDown ()
bool MovePageUp ()
bool MoveCursorUpBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorDownBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorLeftBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorRightBlock (bool expandSelection)
int DefaultRowLabelSize ()
int RowLabelSize ()
void RowLabelSize (int value)
int DefaultColLabelSize ()
int ColLabelSize ()
void ColLabelSize (int value)
Colour LabelBackgroundColour ()
void LabelBackgroundColour (Colour value)
Colour LabelTextColour ()
void LabelTextColour (Colour value)
Font LabelFont ()
void LabelFont (Font value)
void GetRowLabelAlignment (out int horiz, out int vert)
void GetColLabelAlignment (out int horiz, out int vert)
string GetRowLabelValue (int row)
string GetColLabelValue (int col)
Colour GridLineColour ()
void GridLineColour (Colour value)
Colour CellHighlightColour ()
void CellHighlightColour (Colour value)
int CellHighlightPenWidth ()
void CellHighlightPenWidth (int value)
int CellHighlightROPenWidth ()
void CellHighlightROPenWidth (int value)
void SetRowLabelAlignment (int horiz, int vert)
void SetColLabelAlignment (int horiz, int vert)
void SetRowLabelValue (int row, string str)
void SetColLabelValue (int col, string str)
void DragRowSizeEnabled (bool value)
bool DragRowSizeEnabled ()
void DisableDragRowSize ()
void DragColSizeEnabled (bool value)
bool DragColSizeEnabled ()
void DisableDragColSize ()
void DragGridSizeEnabled (bool value)
bool DragGridSizeEnabled ()
void DisableDragGridSize ()
void SetAttr (int row, int col, GridCellAttr attr)
void SetRowAttr (int row, GridCellAttr attr)
void SetColAttr (int col, GridCellAttr attr)
void ColFormatBool (int value)
void ColFormatNumber (int value)
void SetColFormatFloat (int col)
void SetColFormatFloat (int col, int width)
void SetColFormatFloat (int col, int width, int precision)
void SetColFormatCustom (int col, string typeName)
void GridLinesEnabled (bool value)
bool GridLinesEnabled ()
int DefaultRowSize ()
int GetRowSize (int row)
int DefaultColSize ()
int GetColSize (int col)
Colour DefaultCellBackgroundColour ()
void DefaultCellBackgroundColour (Colour value)
Colour DefaultCellTextColour ()
void DefaultCellTextColour (Colour value)
Font DefaultCellFont ()
void DefaultCellFont (Font value)
Font GetCellFont (int row, int col)
void GetDefaultCellAlignment (inout int horiz, inout int vert)
void GetCellAlignment (int row, int col, inout int horiz, inout int vert)
bool DefaultCellOverflow ()
void DefaultCellOverflow (bool value)
bool GetCellOverflow (int row, int col)
void GetCellSize (int row, int col, inout int num_rows, inout int num_cols)
void SetDefaultRowSize (int height, bool resizeExistingRows)
void SetRowSize (int row, int height)
void SetDefaultColSize (int width, bool resizeExistingCols)
void SetColSize (int col, int width)
void AutoSizeColumn (int col, bool setAsMin)
void AutoSizeRow (int row, bool setAsMin)
void AutoSizeColumns ()
void AutoSizeColumns (bool setAsMin)
void AutoSizeRows ()
void AutoSizeRows (bool setAsMin)
void AutoSize ()
void SetColMinimalWidth (int col, int width)
void SetRowMinimalHeight (int row, int width)
void ColMinimalAcceptableWidth (int value)
int ColMinimalAcceptableWidth ()
void RowMinimalAcceptableHeight (int value)
int RowMinimalAcceptableHeight ()
void SetCellFont (int row, int col, Font fnt)
void SetDefaultCellAlignment (int horiz, int vert)
void SetCellAlignment (int row, int col, int horiz, int vert)
void SetCellOverflow (int row, int col, bool allow)
void SetCellSize (int row, int col, int num_rows, int num_cols)
void DefaultRenderer (GridCellRenderer value)
void SetCellRenderer (int row, int col, GridCellRenderer renderer)
GridCellRenderer GetCellRenderer (int row, int col)
void DefaultEditor (GridCellEditor value)
GridCellEditor DefaultEditor ()
void SetCellEditor (int row, int col, GridCellEditor editor)
GridCellEditor GetCellEditor (int row, int col)
string GetCellValue (int row, int col)
void SetCellValue (int row, int col, string s)
bool IsReadOnly (int row, int col)
void SetReadOnly (int row, int col)
void SetReadOnly (int row, int col, bool isReadOnly)
void SelectRow (int row, bool addToSelected)
void SelectCol (int col, bool addToSelected)
void SelectBlock (int topRow, int leftCol, int bottomRow, int rightCol, bool addToSelected)
void SelectAll ()
bool IsSelection ()
void DeselectRow (int row)
void DeselectCol (int col)
void DeselectCell (int row, int col)
void ClearSelection ()
bool IsInSelection (int row, int col)
Rectangle BlockToDeviceRect (GridCellCoords topLeft, GridCellCoords bottomRight)
Colour SelectionBackground ()
void SelectionBackground (Colour value)
Colour SelectionForeground ()
void SelectionForeground (Colour value)
void RegisterDataType (string typeName, GridCellRenderer renderer, GridCellEditor editor)
GridCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForCell (int row, int col)
GridCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForCell (int row, int col)
GridCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForType (string typeName)
GridCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForType (string typeName)
void SetMargins (int extraWidth, int extraHeight)
Window GridWindow ()
Window GridRowLabelWindow ()
Window GridColLabelWindow ()
Window GridCornerLabelWindow ()
void UpdateDimensions ()
int Rows ()
int Cols ()
int CursorRow ()
int CursorColumn ()
int ScrollPosX ()
void ScrollPosX (int value)
int ScrollPosY ()
void ScrollPosY (int value)
void SetColumnWidth (int col, int width)
int GetColumnWidth (int col)
void SetRowHeight (int row, int height)
int ViewHeight ()
int ViewWidth ()
void SetLabelSize (int orientation, int sz)
int GetLabelSize (int orientation)
void SetLabelAlignment (int orientation, int alignment)
int GetLabelAlignment (int orientation, int alignment)
void SetLabelValue (int orientation, string val, int pos)
string GetLabelValue (int orientation, int pos)
Font CellTextFont ()
void CellTextFont (Font value)
Font GetCellTextFont (int row, int col)
void SetCellTextFont (Font fnt, int row, int col)
void SetCellTextColour (int row, int col, Colour val)
void CellTextColour (Colour value)
Colour GetCellTextColour (int row, int col)
void CellBackgroundColour (Colour value)
void SetCellBackgroundColour (int row, int col, Colour colour)
Colour GetCellBackgroundColour (int row, int col)
bool Editable ()
void Editable (bool value)
bool EditInPlace ()
void SetCellAlignment (int alignment, int row, int col)
void CellAlignment (int value)
void SetCellBitmap (Bitmap bitmap, int row, int col)
void DividerPen (Pen value)
Pen DividerPen ()
int GetRowHeight (int row)
void CellLeftClick_Add (EventListener value)
void CellLeftClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void CellRightClick_Add (EventListener value)
void CellRightClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void CellLeftDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void CellLeftDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void CellRightDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void CellRightDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void LabelLeftClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LabelLeftClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void LabelRightClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LabelRightClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void LabelLeftDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LabelLeftDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void LabelRightDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LabelRightDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void RowSize_Add (EventListener value)
void RowSize_Remove (EventListener value)
void ColumnSize_Add (EventListener value)
void ColumnSize_Remove (EventListener value)
void RangeSelect_Add (EventListener value)
void RangeSelect_Remove (EventListener value)
void CellChange_Add (EventListener value)
void CellChange_Remove (EventListener value)
void SelectCell_Add (EventListener value)
void SelectCell_Remove (EventListener value)
void EditorShown_Add (EventListener value)
void EditorShown_Remove (EventListener value)
void EditorHidden_Add (EventListener value)
void EditorHidden_Remove (EventListener value)
void EditorCreate_Add (EventListener value)
void EditorCreate_Remove (EventListener value)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from ScrolledWindow.

Reimplemented in DbGrid.

this (  ) 

Reimplemented from Panel.

this ( Window  parent,
int  id 

this ( Window  parent,
int  id,
Point  pos 

this ( Window  parent,
int  id,
Point  pos,
Size  size 

this ( Window  parent,
int  id,
Point  pos,
Size  size,
int  style 

this ( Window  parent,
int  id,
Point  pos,
Size  size,
int  style,
string  name 


parent The parent window.
id An identifier for the panel. A value of -1 is taken to mean a default.
pos The panel position. A value of (-1, -1) indicates a default position, chosen by either the windowing system or wxWidgets, depending on platform.
size The panel size. A value of (-1, -1) indicates a default size, chosen by either the windowing system or wxWidgets, depending on platform.
style The window style. See wxPanel.
name Used to associate a name with the window, allowing the application user to set Motif resource values for individual dialog boxes.
See also:

Reimplemented from Panel.

this ( Window  parent  ) 

this ( Window  parent,
Point  pos 

this ( Window  parent,
Point  pos,
Size  size 

this ( Window  parent,
Point  pos,
Size  size,
int  style 

this ( Window  parent,
Point  pos,
Size  size,
int  style,
string  name 

Reimplemented from Panel.

Member Function Documentation

bool CreateGrid ( int  numRows,
int  numCols 

bool CreateGrid ( int  numRows,
int  numCols,
GridSelectionMode  selmode 

void SelectionMode ( GridSelectionMode  value  ) 

int NumberRows (  ) 

int NumberCols (  ) 

bool SetTable ( GridTableBase  table  ) 

bool SetTable ( GridTableBase  table,
bool  takeOwnerShip 

bool SetTable ( GridTableBase  table,
bool  takeOwnership,
GridSelectionMode  select 

void ClearGrid (  ) 

bool InsertRows (  ) 

bool InsertRows ( int  pos  ) 

bool InsertRows ( int  pos,
int  numRows 

bool InsertRows ( int  pos,
int  numRows,
bool  updateLabels 

bool AppendRows (  ) 

bool AppendRows ( int  numRows  ) 

bool AppendRows ( int  numRows,
bool  updateLabels 

bool DeleteRows (  ) 

bool DeleteRows ( int  pos  ) 

bool DeleteRows ( int  pos,
int  numRows 

bool DeleteRows ( int  pos,
int  numRows,
bool  updateLabels 

bool InsertCols (  ) 

bool InsertCols ( int  pos  ) 

bool InsertCols ( int  pos,
int  numRows 

bool InsertCols ( int  pos,
int  numCols,
bool  updateLabels 

bool AppendCols (  ) 

bool AppendCols ( int  numCols  ) 

bool AppendCols ( int  numCols,
bool  updateLabels 

bool DeleteCols (  ) 

bool DeleteCols ( int  pos  ) 

bool DeleteCols ( int  pos,
int  numRows 

bool DeleteCols ( int  pos,
int  numCols,
bool  updateLabels 

void BeginBatch (  ) 

void EndBatch (  ) 

int BatchCount (  ) 

void ForceRefresh (  ) 

bool IsEditable (  ) 

void IsEditable ( bool  value  ) 

void CellEditControlEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

bool CellEditControlEnabled (  ) 

void DisableCellEditControl (  ) 

bool CanEnableCellControl (  ) 

bool IsCellEditControlShown (  ) 

bool IsCurrentCellReadOnly (  ) 

void ShowCellEditControl (  ) 

void HideCellEditControl (  ) 

void SaveEditControlValue (  ) 

int YToRow ( int  y  ) 

int XToCol ( int  x  ) 

int YToEdgeOfRow ( int  y  ) 

int XToEdgeOfCol ( int  x  ) 

Rectangle CellToRect ( int  row,
int  col 

int GridCursorRow (  ) 

int GridCursorCol (  ) 

bool IsVisible ( int  row,
int  col,
bool  wholeCellVisible 

void MakeCellVisible ( int  row,
int  col 

void SetGridCursor ( int  row,
int  col 

bool MoveCursorUp ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorDown ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorLeft ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorRight ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MovePageDown (  ) 

bool MovePageUp (  ) 

bool MoveCursorUpBlock ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorDownBlock ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorLeftBlock ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

bool MoveCursorRightBlock ( bool  expandSelection  ) 

int DefaultRowLabelSize (  ) 

int RowLabelSize (  ) 

void RowLabelSize ( int  value  ) 

int DefaultColLabelSize (  ) 

int ColLabelSize (  ) 

void ColLabelSize ( int  value  ) 

Colour LabelBackgroundColour (  ) 

void LabelBackgroundColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Colour LabelTextColour (  ) 

void LabelTextColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Font LabelFont (  ) 

void LabelFont ( Font  value  ) 

void GetRowLabelAlignment ( out int  horiz,
out int  vert 

void GetColLabelAlignment ( out int  horiz,
out int  vert 

string GetRowLabelValue ( int  row  ) 

string GetColLabelValue ( int  col  ) 

Colour GridLineColour (  ) 

void GridLineColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Colour CellHighlightColour (  ) 

void CellHighlightColour ( Colour  value  ) 

int CellHighlightPenWidth (  ) 

void CellHighlightPenWidth ( int  value  ) 

int CellHighlightROPenWidth (  ) 

void CellHighlightROPenWidth ( int  value  ) 

void SetRowLabelAlignment ( int  horiz,
int  vert 

void SetColLabelAlignment ( int  horiz,
int  vert 

void SetRowLabelValue ( int  row,
string  str 

void SetColLabelValue ( int  col,
string  str 

void DragRowSizeEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

bool DragRowSizeEnabled (  ) 

void DisableDragRowSize (  ) 

void DragColSizeEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

bool DragColSizeEnabled (  ) 

void DisableDragColSize (  ) 

void DragGridSizeEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

bool DragGridSizeEnabled (  ) 

void DisableDragGridSize (  ) 

void SetAttr ( int  row,
int  col,
GridCellAttr  attr 

void SetRowAttr ( int  row,
GridCellAttr  attr 

void SetColAttr ( int  col,
GridCellAttr  attr 

void ColFormatBool ( int  value  ) 

void ColFormatNumber ( int  value  ) 

void SetColFormatFloat ( int  col  ) 

void SetColFormatFloat ( int  col,
int  width 

void SetColFormatFloat ( int  col,
int  width,
int  precision 

void SetColFormatCustom ( int  col,
string  typeName 

void GridLinesEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

bool GridLinesEnabled (  ) 

int DefaultRowSize (  ) 

int GetRowSize ( int  row  ) 

int DefaultColSize (  ) 

int GetColSize ( int  col  ) 

Colour DefaultCellBackgroundColour (  ) 

void DefaultCellBackgroundColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Colour DefaultCellTextColour (  ) 

void DefaultCellTextColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Font DefaultCellFont (  ) 

void DefaultCellFont ( Font  value  ) 

Font GetCellFont ( int  row,
int  col 

void GetDefaultCellAlignment ( inout int  horiz,
inout int  vert 

void GetCellAlignment ( int  row,
int  col,
inout int  horiz,
inout int  vert 

bool DefaultCellOverflow (  ) 

void DefaultCellOverflow ( bool  value  ) 

bool GetCellOverflow ( int  row,
int  col 

void GetCellSize ( int  row,
int  col,
inout int  num_rows,
inout int  num_cols 

void SetDefaultRowSize ( int  height,
bool  resizeExistingRows 

void SetRowSize ( int  row,
int  height 

void SetDefaultColSize ( int  width,
bool  resizeExistingCols 

void SetColSize ( int  col,
int  width 

void AutoSizeColumn ( int  col,
bool  setAsMin 

void AutoSizeRow ( int  row,
bool  setAsMin 

void AutoSizeColumns (  ) 

void AutoSizeColumns ( bool  setAsMin  ) 

void AutoSizeRows (  ) 

void AutoSizeRows ( bool  setAsMin  ) 

void AutoSize (  ) 

void SetColMinimalWidth ( int  col,
int  width 

void SetRowMinimalHeight ( int  row,
int  width 

void ColMinimalAcceptableWidth ( int  value  ) 

int ColMinimalAcceptableWidth (  ) 

void RowMinimalAcceptableHeight ( int  value  ) 

int RowMinimalAcceptableHeight (  ) 

void SetCellFont ( int  row,
int  col,
Font  fnt 

void SetDefaultCellAlignment ( int  horiz,
int  vert 

void SetCellAlignment ( int  row,
int  col,
int  horiz,
int  vert 

void SetCellOverflow ( int  row,
int  col,
bool  allow 

void SetCellSize ( int  row,
int  col,
int  num_rows,
int  num_cols 

void DefaultRenderer ( GridCellRenderer  value  ) 

void SetCellRenderer ( int  row,
int  col,
GridCellRenderer  renderer 

GridCellRenderer GetCellRenderer ( int  row,
int  col 

void DefaultEditor ( GridCellEditor  value  ) 

GridCellEditor DefaultEditor (  ) 

void SetCellEditor ( int  row,
int  col,
GridCellEditor  editor 

GridCellEditor GetCellEditor ( int  row,
int  col 

string GetCellValue ( int  row,
int  col 

void SetCellValue ( int  row,
int  col,
string  s 

bool IsReadOnly ( int  row,
int  col 

void SetReadOnly ( int  row,
int  col 

void SetReadOnly ( int  row,
int  col,
bool  isReadOnly 

void SelectRow ( int  row,
bool  addToSelected 

void SelectCol ( int  col,
bool  addToSelected 

void SelectBlock ( int  topRow,
int  leftCol,
int  bottomRow,
int  rightCol,
bool  addToSelected 

void SelectAll (  ) 

bool IsSelection (  ) 

void DeselectRow ( int  row  ) 

void DeselectCol ( int  col  ) 

void DeselectCell ( int  row,
int  col 

void ClearSelection (  ) 

bool IsInSelection ( int  row,
int  col 

Rectangle BlockToDeviceRect ( GridCellCoords  topLeft,
GridCellCoords  bottomRight 

Colour SelectionBackground (  ) 

void SelectionBackground ( Colour  value  ) 

Colour SelectionForeground (  ) 

void SelectionForeground ( Colour  value  ) 

void RegisterDataType ( string  typeName,
GridCellRenderer  renderer,
GridCellEditor  editor 

GridCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForCell ( int  row,
int  col 

GridCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForCell ( int  row,
int  col 

GridCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForType ( string  typeName  ) 

GridCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForType ( string  typeName  ) 

void SetMargins ( int  extraWidth,
int  extraHeight 

Window GridWindow (  ) 

Window GridRowLabelWindow (  ) 

Window GridColLabelWindow (  ) 

Window GridCornerLabelWindow (  ) 

void UpdateDimensions (  ) 

int Rows (  ) 

int Cols (  ) 

int CursorRow (  ) 

int CursorColumn (  ) 

int ScrollPosX (  ) 

void ScrollPosX ( int  value  ) 

int ScrollPosY (  ) 

void ScrollPosY ( int  value  ) 

void SetColumnWidth ( int  col,
int  width 

int GetColumnWidth ( int  col  ) 

void SetRowHeight ( int  row,
int  height 

int ViewHeight (  ) 

int ViewWidth (  ) 

void SetLabelSize ( int  orientation,
int  sz 

int GetLabelSize ( int  orientation  ) 

void SetLabelAlignment ( int  orientation,
int  alignment 

int GetLabelAlignment ( int  orientation,
int  alignment 

void SetLabelValue ( int  orientation,
string  val,
int  pos 

string GetLabelValue ( int  orientation,
int  pos 

Font CellTextFont (  ) 

void CellTextFont ( Font  value  ) 

Font GetCellTextFont ( int  row,
int  col 

void SetCellTextFont ( Font  fnt,
int  row,
int  col 

void SetCellTextColour ( int  row,
int  col,
Colour  val 

void CellTextColour ( Colour  value  ) 

Colour GetCellTextColour ( int  row,
int  col 

void CellBackgroundColour ( Colour  value  ) 

void SetCellBackgroundColour ( int  row,
int  col,
Colour  colour 

Colour GetCellBackgroundColour ( int  row,
int  col 

bool Editable (  ) 

void Editable ( bool  value  ) 

bool EditInPlace (  ) 

void SetCellAlignment ( int  alignment,
int  row,
int  col 

void CellAlignment ( int  value  ) 

void SetCellBitmap ( Bitmap  bitmap,
int  row,
int  col 

void DividerPen ( Pen  value  ) 

Pen DividerPen (  ) 

int GetRowHeight ( int  row  ) 

void CellLeftClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellLeftClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellRightClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellRightClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellLeftDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellLeftDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellRightDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellRightDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelLeftClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelLeftClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelRightClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelRightClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelLeftDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelLeftDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelRightDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LabelRightDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RowSize_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RowSize_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ColumnSize_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ColumnSize_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RangeSelect_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RangeSelect_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellChange_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void CellChange_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void SelectCell_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void SelectCell_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorShown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorShown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorHidden_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorHidden_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorCreate_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void EditorCreate_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

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