Window Class Reference

wxWindow is the base class for all windows and represents any visible object on screen. All controls, top level windows and so on are windows. Sizers and device contexts are not, however, as they don't appear on screen themselves. More...

Inheritance diagram for Window:

EvtHandler wxObject IDisposable Control Dialog Frame GLCanvas MDIClientWindow Panel SashWindow SplashScreenWindow SplitterWindow StatusBar TipWindow

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  {
  wxVSCROLL = cast(int)0x80000000,
  wxHSCROLL = 0x40000000,
  wxCAPTION = 0x20000000,
  wxCLIP_CHILDREN = 0x00400000,
  wxMINIMIZE_BOX = 0x00000400,
  wxCLOSE_BOX = 0x1000,
  wxMAXIMIZE_BOX = 0x0200,
  wxNO_3D = 0x00800000,
  wxRESIZE_BORDER = 0x00000040,
  wxSYSTEM_MENU = 0x00000800,
  wxTAB_TRAVERSAL = 0x00008000,
  wxNO_FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE = 0x00010000,
  wxID_OK = 5100,
  wxID_CANCEL = 5101,
  wxID_YES = 5103,
  wxID_NO = 5104,
  wxID_ANY = -1,
  wxID_ABOUT = 5013,
  wxSTAY_ON_TOP = 0x8000,
  wxICONIZE = 0x4000,
  wxMAXIMIZE = 0x2000,
  wxTINY_CAPTION_HORIZ = 0x0100,
  wxTINY_CAPTION_VERT = 0x0080,
  wxDIALOG_NO_PARENT = 0x0001,
  wxFRAME_NO_TASKBAR = 0x0002,
  wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW = 0x0004,
  wxFRAME_SHAPED = 0x0010,
  wxFRAME_EX_CONTEXTHELP = 0x00000004,
  wxBORDER_DEFAULT = 0x00000000,
  wxBORDER_NONE = 0x00200000,
  wxBORDER_STATIC = 0x01000000,
  wxBORDER_SIMPLE = 0x02000000,
  wxBORDER_RAISED = 0x04000000,
  wxBORDER_SUNKEN = 0x08000000,
  wxBORDER_DOUBLE = 0x10000000,
  wxBORDER_MASK = 0x1f200000,
  wxWANTS_CHARS = 0x00040000,

Public Member Functions

 this (Window parent, int id, Point pos=wxDefaultPosition, Size size=wxDefaultSize, int style=0, string name=wxPanelNameStr)
 this (Window parent, Point pos=wxDefaultPosition, Size size=wxDefaultSize, int style=0, string name=wxPanelNameStr)
 this (IntPtr wxobj)
virtual void BackgroundColour (Colour value)
virtual Colour BackgroundColour ()
virtual Colour ForegroundColour ()
virtual void ForegroundColour (Colour value)
virtual void font (Font value)
virtual Font font ()
virtual Size BestSize ()
virtual Size ClientSize ()
virtual void ClientSize (Size value)
virtual bool Close ()
virtual bool Close (bool force)
virtual int ID ()
virtual void ID (int value)
virtual void Layout ()
virtual void cursor (Cursor value)
virtual void SetSize (int x, int y, int width, int height)
virtual void SetSize (int width, int height)
virtual void SetSize (Size size)
virtual void SetSize (Rectangle rect)
virtual void SetSizer (Sizer sizer, bool deleteOld=true)
virtual bool Show (bool show=true)
virtual int StyleFlags ()
virtual void StyleFlags (uint value)
virtual void toolTip (string value)
virtual void Enabled (bool value)
virtual bool Enabled ()
virtual bool Destroy ()
virtual bool DestroyChildren ()
virtual void Title (string value)
virtual string Title ()
virtual void Name (string value)
virtual string Name ()
virtual void Move (int x, int y, int flags)
virtual void Raise ()
virtual void Lower ()
virtual Point Position ()
virtual void Position (Point value)
virtual Size size ()
virtual void size (Size value)
virtual Rectangle Rect ()
virtual Point ClientAreaOrigin ()
virtual Rectangle ClientRect ()
virtual Size AdjustedBestSize ()
virtual void Centre ()
virtual void Center ()
virtual void Centre (int direction)
virtual void Center (int direction)
virtual void CentreOnScreen ()
virtual void CenterOnScreen ()
virtual void CentreOnScreen (int direction)
virtual void CenterOnScreen (int direction)
virtual void CentreOnParent ()
virtual void CenterOnParent ()
virtual void CentreOnParent (int direction)
virtual void CenterOnParent (int direction)
virtual void Fit ()
virtual void FitInside ()
virtual void SetSizeHints (int minW, int minH)
virtual void SetSizeHints (int minW, int minH, int maxW, int maxH)
virtual void SetSizeHints (int minW, int minH, int maxW, int maxH, int incW, int incH)
virtual void SetVirtualSizeHints (int minW, int minH, int maxW, int maxH)
virtual int MinWidth ()
virtual int MinHeight ()
virtual int MaxWidth ()
virtual int MaxHeight ()
virtual Size MinSize ()
void MinSize (Size size)
virtual Size MaxSize ()
void MaxSize (Size size)
virtual Size VirtualSize ()
virtual void VirtualSize (Size value)
virtual Size BestVirtualSize ()
virtual bool Hide ()
virtual bool Disable ()
virtual bool IsShown ()
virtual int WindowStyle ()
virtual void WindowStyle (uint value)
virtual bool HasFlag (int flag)
virtual bool IsRetained ()
virtual int ExtraStyle ()
virtual void ExtraStyle (uint value)
bool ThemeEnabled ()
void ThemeEnabled (bool value)
virtual void SetFocus ()
virtual void SetFocusFromKbd ()
virtual bool AcceptsFocus ()
virtual bool AcceptsFocusFromKeyboard ()
virtual Window Parent ()
virtual void Parent (Window value)
virtual Window GrandParent ()
virtual bool Reparent (Window newParent)
virtual bool IsTopLevel ()
virtual void AddChild (Window child)
virtual void RemoveChild (Window child)
virtual Window FindWindow (int id)
virtual Window FindWindow (int id, newfunc func)
virtual Window FindWindow (string name)
EvtHandler EventHandler ()
void EventHandler (EvtHandler value)
void PushEventHandler (EvtHandler handler)
EvtHandler PopEventHandler (bool deleteHandler)
bool RemoveEventHandler (EvtHandler handler)
virtual Validator validator ()
virtual void validator (Validator value)
virtual bool Validate ()
virtual bool TransferDataToWindow ()
virtual bool TransferDataFromWindow ()
virtual void InitDialog ()
virtual Point ConvertPixelsToDialog (Point pt)
virtual Point ConvertDialogToPixels (Point pt)
virtual Size ConvertPixelsToDialog (Size sz)
virtual Size ConvertDialogToPixels (Size sz)
virtual void WarpPointer (int x, int y)
virtual void CaptureMouse ()
virtual void ReleaseMouse ()
virtual bool HasCapture ()
virtual void Refresh ()
virtual void Refresh (bool eraseBackground)
virtual void Refresh (bool eraseBackground, Rectangle rect)
virtual void RefreshRectangle (Rectangle rect)
virtual void Update ()
virtual void ClearBackground ()
virtual void Freeze ()
virtual void Thaw ()
virtual void PrepareDC (DC dc)
virtual bool IsExposed (int x, int y, int w, int h)
virtual Caret caret ()
virtual void caret (Caret value)
virtual int CharHeight ()
virtual int CharWidth ()
void GetTextExtent (string str, out int x, out int y, out int descent, out int externalLeading, Font font)
void ClientToScreen (inout int x, inout int y)
Point ClientToScreen (Point clientPoint)
virtual void ScreenToClient (inout int x, inout int y)
Point ScreenToClient (Point screenPoint)
virtual void UpdateWindowUI ()
virtual bool PopupMenu (Menu menu, Point pos)
virtual bool HasScrollbar (int orient)
virtual void SetScrollbar (int orient, int pos, int thumbSize, int range, bool refresh)
virtual void SetScrollPos (int orient, int pos, bool refresh)
virtual int GetScrollPos (int orient)
virtual int GetScrollThumb (int orient)
virtual int GetScrollRange (int orient)
virtual void ScrollWindow (int dx, int dy, Rectangle rect)
virtual bool ScrollLines (int lines)
virtual bool ScrollPages (int pages)
virtual bool LineUp ()
virtual bool LineDown ()
virtual bool PageUp ()
virtual bool PageDown ()
virtual string HelpText ()
virtual void HelpText (string value)
virtual void SetHelpTextForId (string text)
FIXME virtual DropTarget dropTarget ()
virtual void dropTarget (DropTarget value)
virtual bool AutoLayout ()
virtual void AutoLayout (bool value)
virtual void SetSizerAndFit (Sizer sizer, bool deleteOld)
virtual Sizer sizer ()
virtual void sizer (Sizer value)
virtual Sizer ContainingSizer ()
virtual void ContainingSizer (Sizer value)
virtual Palette palette ()
virtual void palette (Palette value)
virtual bool HasCustomPalette ()
virtual Region UpdateRegion ()
virtual int Top ()
virtual void Top (int value)
virtual int Left ()
virtual void Left (int value)
virtual int Right ()
virtual void Right (int value)
virtual int Bottom ()
virtual void Bottom (int value)
virtual int Width ()
virtual void Width (int value)
virtual int Height ()
virtual void Height (int value)
WindowVariant windowVariant ()
bool IsBeingDeleted ()
void CacheBestSize (Size size)
void InvalidateBestSize ()
Size BestFittingSize ()
void BestFittingSize (Size value)
Window[] Children ()
AcceleratorTable acceleratorTable ()
virtual VisualAttributes DefaultAttributes ()
virtual BackgroundStyle backgroundStyle ()
virtual void backgroundStyle (BackgroundStyle value)
Border border ()
Border BorderByFlags (uint flags)
Window AncestorWithCustomPalette ()
virtual void InheritAttributes ()
virtual bool ShouldInheritColours ()
void LeftUp_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightUp_Add (EventListener value)
void RightUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void MiddleUp_Add (EventListener value)
void MiddleUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void LeftDown_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void MiddleDown_Add (EventListener value)
void MiddleDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightDown_Add (EventListener value)
void RightDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void LeftDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void LeftDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void RightDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void RightDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void MiddleDoubleClick_Add (EventListener value)
void MiddleDoubleClick_Remove (EventListener value)
void MouseMove_Add (EventListener value)
void MouseMove_Remove (EventListener value)
void MouseThumbTrack_Add (EventListener value)
void MouseThumbTrack_Remove (EventListener value)
void MouseEnter_Add (EventListener value)
void MouseEnter_Remove (EventListener value)
void MouseLeave_Add (EventListener value)
void MouseLeave_Remove (EventListener value)
void ScrollLineUp_Add (EventListener value)
void ScrollLineUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void ScrollLineDown_Add (EventListener value)
void ScrollLineDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void UpdateUI_Add (EventListener value)
void UpdateUI_Remove (EventListener value)
void KeyDown_Add (EventListener value)
void KeyDown_Remove (EventListener value)
void KeyUp_Add (EventListener value)
void KeyUp_Remove (EventListener value)
void Char_Add (EventListener value)
void Char_Remove (EventListener value)
void Closing_Add (EventListener value)
void Closing_Remove (EventListener value)
void Activated_Add (EventListener value)
void Activated_Remove (EventListener value)
void Moved_Add (EventListener value)
void Moved_Remove (EventListener value)
void Resized_Add (EventListener value)
void Resized_Remove (EventListener value)

Static Public Member Functions

static wxObject New (IntPtr ptr)
static int UniqueID ()
static int NewControlId ()
static int NextControlId (int id)
static int PrevControlId (int id)
static Window FindFocus ()
static Window FindWindowById (int id, Window parent)
static Window FindWindowByName (string name, Window parent)
static Window FindWindowByLabel (string label, Window parent)
static Window GetCapture ()
static VisualAttributes ClassDefaultAttributes ()
static VisualAttributes ClassDefaultAttributes (WindowVariant variant)

Public Attributes

const Point wxDefaultPosition = {X:-1, Y:-1}
const Size wxDefaultSize = {Width:-1, Height:-1}
const string wxPanelNameStr = "panel"

Detailed Description

wxWindow is the base class for all windows and represents any visible object on screen. All controls, top level windows and so on are windows. Sizers and device contexts are not, however, as they don't appear on screen themselves.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

public this ( Window  parent,
int  id,
Point  pos = wxDefaultPosition,
Size  size = wxDefaultSize,
int  style = 0,
string  name = wxPanelNameStr 

Constructs a window, which can be a child of a frame, dialog or any other non-control window.

parent Pointer to a parent window.
id Window identifier. If -1, will automatically create an identifier.
pos Window position. wxDefaultPosition is (-1, -1) which indicates that wxWidgets should generate a default position for the window. If using the wxWindow class directly, supply an actual position.
size Window size. wxDefaultSize is (-1, -1) which indicates that wxWidgets should generate a default size for the window. If no suitable size can be found, the window will be sized to 20x20 pixels so that the window is visible but obviously not correctly sized.
style Window style. For generic window styles, please see wxWindow.
name Window name.

Reimplemented in Control, Grid, HtmlWindow, SashLayoutWindow, Panel, SashWindow, and SplitterWindow.

this ( Window  parent,
Point  pos = wxDefaultPosition,
Size  size = wxDefaultSize,
int  style = 0,
string  name = wxPanelNameStr 

Reimplemented in Control, Grid, HtmlWindow, SashLayoutWindow, Panel, SashWindow, and SplitterWindow.

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from EvtHandler.

Reimplemented in BitmapButton, Button, CalendarCtrl, CheckBox, Choice, SingleChoiceDialog, MultiChoiceDialog, ColourDialog, ComboBox, Control, DbGrid, Dialog, DirDialog, FindReplaceDialog, FontDialog, Frame, Gauge, GLCanvas, Grid, HtmlWindow, HtmlListBox, SashLayoutWindow, Listbook, ListBox, CheckListBox, ListCtrl, ListView, MDIParentFrame, MDIChildFrame, MDIClientWindow, MiniFrame, Notebook, NumberEntryDialog, Panel, ProgressDialog, RadioBox, RadioButton, SashWindow, ScrollBar, ScrolledWindow, Slider, SpinButton, SpinCtrl, SplashScreen, SplashScreenWindow, StaticBitmap, StaticBox, StaticLine, StaticText, StatusBar, StyledTextCtrl, TabCtrl, TextCtrl, TextEntryDialog, TipWindow, ToggleButton, ToolBar, TreeCtrl, VListBox, VScrolledWindow, Wizard, WizardPage, and WizardPageSimple.

Member Function Documentation

static wxObject New ( IntPtr  ptr  )  [static]

Reimplemented from EvtHandler.

Reimplemented in BitmapButton, Button, CheckBox, Choice, ComboBox, Control, Gauge, Listbook, ListBox, ListCtrl, MDIChildFrame, MDIClientWindow, Notebook, RadioBox, RadioButton, ScrollBar, Slider, SpinButton, SpinCtrl, StaticBitmap, StaticBox, StaticLine, StaticText, StyledTextCtrl, TabCtrl, TextCtrl, ToggleButton, TreeCtrl, and WizardPage.

virtual void BackgroundColour ( Colour  value  ) 

virtual Colour BackgroundColour (  ) 

virtual Colour ForegroundColour (  ) 

virtual void ForegroundColour ( Colour  value  ) 

virtual void font ( Font  value  ) 

virtual Font font (  ) 

virtual Size BestSize (  ) 

virtual Size ClientSize (  ) 

virtual void ClientSize ( Size  value  ) 

virtual bool Close (  ) 

virtual bool Close ( bool  force  ) 

virtual int ID (  ) 

virtual void ID ( int  value  ) 

static int UniqueID (  )  [static]

virtual void Layout (  ) 

virtual void cursor ( Cursor  value  ) 

virtual void SetSize ( int  x,
int  y,
int  width,
int  height 

virtual void SetSize ( int  width,
int  height 

virtual void SetSize ( Size  size  ) 

virtual void SetSize ( Rectangle  rect  ) 

virtual void SetSizer ( Sizer  sizer,
bool  deleteOld = true 

virtual bool Show ( bool  show = true  ) 

Reimplemented in ProgressDialog.

virtual int StyleFlags (  ) 

virtual void StyleFlags ( uint  value  ) 

virtual void toolTip ( string  value  ) 

virtual void Enabled ( bool  value  ) 

virtual bool Enabled (  ) 

virtual bool Destroy (  ) 

virtual bool DestroyChildren (  ) 

virtual void Title ( string  value  ) 

Reimplemented in Dialog.

virtual string Title (  ) 

Reimplemented in Dialog.

virtual void Name ( string  value  ) 

virtual string Name (  ) 

static int NewControlId (  )  [static]

static int NextControlId ( int  id  )  [static]

static int PrevControlId ( int  id  )  [static]

virtual void Move ( int  x,
int  y,
int  flags 

virtual void Raise (  ) 

virtual void Lower (  ) 

virtual Point Position (  ) 

virtual void Position ( Point  value  ) 

virtual Size size (  ) 

virtual void size ( Size  value  ) 

virtual Rectangle Rect (  ) 

virtual Point ClientAreaOrigin (  ) 

Reimplemented in Frame.

virtual Rectangle ClientRect (  ) 

virtual Size AdjustedBestSize (  ) 

virtual void Centre (  ) 

virtual void Center (  ) 

virtual void Centre ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void Center ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void CentreOnScreen (  ) 

virtual void CenterOnScreen (  ) 

virtual void CentreOnScreen ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void CenterOnScreen ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void CentreOnParent (  ) 

virtual void CenterOnParent (  ) 

virtual void CentreOnParent ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void CenterOnParent ( int  direction  ) 

virtual void Fit (  ) 

virtual void FitInside (  ) 

virtual void SetSizeHints ( int  minW,
int  minH 

virtual void SetSizeHints ( int  minW,
int  minH,
int  maxW,
int  maxH 

virtual void SetSizeHints ( int  minW,
int  minH,
int  maxW,
int  maxH,
int  incW,
int  incH 

virtual void SetVirtualSizeHints ( int  minW,
int  minH,
int  maxW,
int  maxH 

virtual int MinWidth (  ) 

virtual int MinHeight (  ) 

virtual int MaxWidth (  ) 

virtual int MaxHeight (  ) 

virtual Size MinSize (  ) 

void MinSize ( Size  size  ) 

virtual Size MaxSize (  ) 

void MaxSize ( Size  size  ) 

virtual Size VirtualSize (  ) 

virtual void VirtualSize ( Size  value  ) 

virtual Size BestVirtualSize (  ) 

virtual bool Hide (  ) 

virtual bool Disable (  ) 

virtual bool IsShown (  ) 

virtual int WindowStyle (  ) 

virtual void WindowStyle ( uint  value  ) 

virtual bool HasFlag ( int  flag  ) 

virtual bool IsRetained (  ) 

virtual int ExtraStyle (  ) 

virtual void ExtraStyle ( uint  value  ) 

bool ThemeEnabled (  ) 

void ThemeEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

virtual void SetFocus (  ) 

virtual void SetFocusFromKbd (  ) 

static Window FindFocus (  )  [static]

virtual bool AcceptsFocus (  ) 

Reimplemented in Gauge, and ToolBar.

virtual bool AcceptsFocusFromKeyboard (  ) 

Reimplemented in HtmlWindow.

virtual Window Parent (  ) 

virtual void Parent ( Window  value  ) 

virtual Window GrandParent (  ) 

virtual bool Reparent ( Window  newParent  ) 

virtual bool IsTopLevel (  ) 

virtual void AddChild ( Window  child  ) 

virtual void RemoveChild ( Window  child  ) 

virtual Window FindWindow ( int  id  ) 

virtual Window FindWindow ( int  id,
newfunc  func 

virtual Window FindWindow ( string  name  ) 

static Window FindWindowById ( int  id,
Window  parent 
) [static]

static Window FindWindowByName ( string  name,
Window  parent 
) [static]

static Window FindWindowByLabel ( string  label,
Window  parent 
) [static]

EvtHandler EventHandler (  ) 

void EventHandler ( EvtHandler  value  ) 

void PushEventHandler ( EvtHandler  handler  ) 

EvtHandler PopEventHandler ( bool  deleteHandler  ) 

bool RemoveEventHandler ( EvtHandler  handler  ) 

virtual Validator validator (  ) 

virtual void validator ( Validator  value  ) 

virtual bool Validate (  ) 

virtual bool TransferDataToWindow (  ) 

virtual bool TransferDataFromWindow (  ) 

virtual void InitDialog (  ) 

Reimplemented in Panel.

virtual Point ConvertPixelsToDialog ( Point  pt  ) 

virtual Point ConvertDialogToPixels ( Point  pt  ) 

virtual Size ConvertPixelsToDialog ( Size  sz  ) 

virtual Size ConvertDialogToPixels ( Size  sz  ) 

virtual void WarpPointer ( int  x,
int  y 

virtual void CaptureMouse (  ) 

virtual void ReleaseMouse (  ) 

static Window GetCapture (  )  [static]

virtual bool HasCapture (  ) 

virtual void Refresh (  ) 

virtual void Refresh ( bool  eraseBackground  ) 

virtual void Refresh ( bool  eraseBackground,
Rectangle  rect 

virtual void RefreshRectangle ( Rectangle  rect  ) 

virtual void Update (  ) 

virtual void ClearBackground (  ) 

virtual void Freeze (  ) 

Reimplemented in TextCtrl.

virtual void Thaw (  ) 

Reimplemented in TextCtrl.

virtual void PrepareDC ( DC  dc  ) 

virtual bool IsExposed ( int  x,
int  y,
int  w,
int  h 

virtual Caret caret (  ) 

virtual void caret ( Caret  value  ) 

virtual int CharHeight (  ) 

virtual int CharWidth (  ) 

void GetTextExtent ( string  str,
out int  x,
out int  y,
out int  descent,
out int  externalLeading,
Font  font 

void ClientToScreen ( inout int  x,
inout int  y 

Point ClientToScreen ( Point  clientPoint  ) 

virtual void ScreenToClient ( inout int  x,
inout int  y 

Point ScreenToClient ( Point  screenPoint  ) 

virtual void UpdateWindowUI (  ) 

virtual bool PopupMenu ( Menu  menu,
Point  pos 

virtual bool HasScrollbar ( int  orient  ) 

virtual void SetScrollbar ( int  orient,
int  pos,
int  thumbSize,
int  range,
bool  refresh 

Reimplemented in ScrollBar.

virtual void SetScrollPos ( int  orient,
int  pos,
bool  refresh 

virtual int GetScrollPos ( int  orient  ) 

virtual int GetScrollThumb ( int  orient  ) 

virtual int GetScrollRange ( int  orient  ) 

virtual void ScrollWindow ( int  dx,
int  dy,
Rectangle  rect 

virtual bool ScrollLines ( int  lines  ) 

Reimplemented in TextCtrl, and VScrolledWindow.

virtual bool ScrollPages ( int  pages  ) 

Reimplemented in TextCtrl, and VScrolledWindow.

virtual bool LineUp (  ) 

virtual bool LineDown (  ) 

virtual bool PageUp (  ) 

virtual bool PageDown (  ) 

virtual string HelpText (  ) 

virtual void HelpText ( string  value  ) 

virtual void SetHelpTextForId ( string  text  ) 

FIXME virtual DropTarget dropTarget (  ) 

virtual void dropTarget ( DropTarget  value  ) 

virtual bool AutoLayout (  ) 

virtual void AutoLayout ( bool  value  ) 

virtual void SetSizerAndFit ( Sizer  sizer,
bool  deleteOld 

virtual Sizer sizer (  ) 

virtual void sizer ( Sizer  value  ) 

virtual Sizer ContainingSizer (  ) 

virtual void ContainingSizer ( Sizer  value  ) 

virtual Palette palette (  ) 

virtual void palette ( Palette  value  ) 

virtual bool HasCustomPalette (  ) 

virtual Region UpdateRegion (  ) 

virtual int Top (  ) 

virtual void Top ( int  value  ) 

virtual int Left (  ) 

virtual void Left ( int  value  ) 

virtual int Right (  ) 

virtual void Right ( int  value  ) 

virtual int Bottom (  ) 

virtual void Bottom ( int  value  ) 

virtual int Width (  ) 

virtual void Width ( int  value  ) 

virtual int Height (  ) 

virtual void Height ( int  value  ) 

WindowVariant windowVariant (  ) 

bool IsBeingDeleted (  ) 

void CacheBestSize ( Size  size  ) 

void InvalidateBestSize (  ) 

Size BestFittingSize (  ) 

void BestFittingSize ( Size  value  ) 

Window [] Children (  ) 

AcceleratorTable acceleratorTable (  ) 

virtual VisualAttributes DefaultAttributes (  ) 

static VisualAttributes ClassDefaultAttributes (  )  [static]

static VisualAttributes ClassDefaultAttributes ( WindowVariant  variant  )  [static]

virtual BackgroundStyle backgroundStyle (  ) 

virtual void backgroundStyle ( BackgroundStyle  value  ) 

Border border (  ) 

Border BorderByFlags ( uint  flags  ) 

Window AncestorWithCustomPalette (  ) 

virtual void InheritAttributes (  ) 

virtual bool ShouldInheritColours (  ) 

Reimplemented in Choice.

void LeftUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void LeftDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void RightDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleDoubleClick_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MiddleDoubleClick_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseMove_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseMove_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseThumbTrack_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseThumbTrack_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseEnter_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseEnter_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseLeave_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void MouseLeave_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ScrollLineUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ScrollLineUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ScrollLineDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void ScrollLineDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void UpdateUI_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

Reimplemented in Slider, SpinCtrl, StyledTextCtrl, and TextCtrl.

void UpdateUI_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

Reimplemented in Slider, SpinCtrl, StyledTextCtrl, and TextCtrl.

void KeyDown_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

Reimplemented in TreeCtrl.

void KeyDown_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

Reimplemented in TreeCtrl.

void KeyUp_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void KeyUp_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Char_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Char_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Closing_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Closing_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Activated_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Activated_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Moved_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Moved_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Resized_Add ( EventListener  value  ) 

void Resized_Remove ( EventListener  value  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const Point wxDefaultPosition = {X:-1, Y:-1}

const Size wxDefaultSize = {Width:-1, Height:-1}

const string wxPanelNameStr = "panel"

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