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wxObject IDisposable

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Public Member Functions

 this ()
 this (IntPtr wxobj)
 this (XmlResourceFlags flags)
 this (string filemask, XmlResourceFlags flags)
void InitAllHandlers ()
bool Load (string filemask)
Dialog LoadDialog (Window parent, string name)
bool LoadDialog (Dialog dlg, Window parent, string name)
int Version ()
bool LoadFrame (Frame frame, Window parent, string name)
Frame LoadFrame (Window parent, string name)
Menu LoadMenu (string name)
MenuBar LoadMenuBar (Window parent, string name)
MenuBar LoadMenuBar (string name)
bool LoadPanel (Panel panel, Window parent, string name)
Panel LoadPanel (Window parent, string name)
ToolBar LoadToolBar (Window parent, string name)
void Flags (XmlResourceFlags value)
XmlResourceFlags Flags ()
void UpdateResources ()
Bitmap LoadBitmap (string name)
Icon LoadIcon (string name)
int CompareVersion (int major, int minor, int release, int revision)
bool AttachUnknownControl (string name, Window control)
bool AttachUnknownControl (string name, Window control, Window parent)
 extern (C) private static IntPtr XmlSubclassCreateCS(string className)

Static Public Member Functions

static this ()
static void SubclassAssembly (string value)
static string SubclassAssembly ()
static void SubclassNamespace (string value)
static string SubclassNamespace ()
static XmlResource Get ()
static XmlResource Set (XmlResource res)
static int GetXRCID (string str_id)
static int XRCID (string str_id)
static wxObject XRCCTRL (Window window, string id, newfunc func)
static wxObject GetControl (Window window, string id, newfunc func)

Static Public Attributes

static XmlResource globalXmlResource = null
static string _SubclassAssembly
static string _SubclassNamespace

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

static this (  )  [static]

this (  ) 

this ( IntPtr  wxobj  ) 

Reimplemented from wxObject.

this ( XmlResourceFlags  flags  ) 

this ( string  filemask,
XmlResourceFlags  flags 

Member Function Documentation

static void SubclassAssembly ( string  value  )  [static]

static string SubclassAssembly (  )  [static]

static void SubclassNamespace ( string  value  )  [static]

static string SubclassNamespace (  )  [static]

static XmlResource Get (  )  [static]

static XmlResource Set ( XmlResource  res  )  [static]

void InitAllHandlers (  ) 

bool Load ( string  filemask  ) 

Dialog LoadDialog ( Window  parent,
string  name 

bool LoadDialog ( Dialog  dlg,
Window  parent,
string  name 

static int GetXRCID ( string  str_id  )  [static]

static int XRCID ( string  str_id  )  [static]

int Version (  ) 

bool LoadFrame ( Frame  frame,
Window  parent,
string  name 

Frame LoadFrame ( Window  parent,
string  name 

Menu LoadMenu ( string  name  ) 

MenuBar LoadMenuBar ( Window  parent,
string  name 

MenuBar LoadMenuBar ( string  name  ) 

bool LoadPanel ( Panel  panel,
Window  parent,
string  name 

Panel LoadPanel ( Window  parent,
string  name 

ToolBar LoadToolBar ( Window  parent,
string  name 

void Flags ( XmlResourceFlags  value  ) 

XmlResourceFlags Flags (  ) 

void UpdateResources (  ) 

Bitmap LoadBitmap ( string  name  ) 

Icon LoadIcon ( string  name  ) 

int CompareVersion ( int  major,
int  minor,
int  release,
int  revision 

bool AttachUnknownControl ( string  name,
Window  control 

bool AttachUnknownControl ( string  name,
Window  control,
Window  parent 

static wxObject XRCCTRL ( Window  window,
string  id,
newfunc  func 
) [static]

static wxObject GetControl ( Window  window,
string  id,
newfunc  func 
) [static]

extern (  ) 

Reimplemented from wxObject.

Member Data Documentation

XmlResource globalXmlResource = null [static]

string _SubclassAssembly [static]

string _SubclassNamespace [static]

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